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Our university attended the forum and award ceremony of "Outstanding Youth" candidates of Jinzhou

On December 23, 2020, Jinzhou Municipal Party Committee held a forum and award ceremony for the candidates of National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth. Wang Dejia, Secretary of Jinzhou Municipal Party Committee, and leaders of Organization Department, Science and Technology Bureau and Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Jinzhou Municipal Party committee attended the forum. Wang Qi, President of our university, Professor Liu Yanjun, winner of National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth in 2020, and heads of relevant functional departments attended the forum. The forum was presided over by Li Xiangyi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jinzhou Municipal Committee and the head of Organization Department.

At the forum, Liu Yanjun, professor and doctoral supervisor and the director of the Discipline Development Planning Department of our university, reported his research fields, work progress and future direction. He expressed his gratitude to Jinzhou City for the care and support. In the future, he will cherish the honor, keep his heart and enthusiasm for work, make solid achievements in his own field, and make greater contributions to the economic development of our university and our city.

President Wang Qi expressed his gratitude for the support provided by Jinzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government for the development and talent cultivation of our university. He introduced the achievements of our university in the introduction of high-level talents, the cultivation of scientific research teams, and the service for local economic development. He pointed out that the university would speed up the pace of discipline construction and talent introduction, further actively dock with local major industries, and strive for development through contribution and service.

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Secretary Wang Dejia congratulated Professor Liu Yanjun and Liaoning University of Technology on winning the award, and affirmed the practice of strengthening the foundation, attaching importance to echelon construction and cultivating high-level talents. He cordially discussed with Professor Liu Yanjun about the research fields he was engaged in, and encouraged Professor Liu Yanjun to pay attention to the combination of theory and practice on the basis of strengthening the theory, and strengthen the research on the application in emerging economic industries. He hoped that Liaoning University of Technology could focus on the orientation of application-oriented education, give further play to its disciplinary advantages, strengthen the cooperation between the university and the local government, organically integrate with the "8 + 3" industry of Jinzhou City, continue to create innovation highlands, and make contributions to the development of new industries in Jinzhou City.

After the forum, on behalf of Jinzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government, Secretary Wang Dejia awarded Professor Liu Yanjun a reward check.

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